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Its main goal will be to eliminate the cause that led to the formation of the disease. Treatment should be carried out in a hospital setting. Most often, diuretics are prescribed, which help to eliminate edematous phenomena and not only.

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The main complication of hydropericardium is cardiac tamponade, which develops as a result of an increase in the amount of transudate. The heart muscle loses its ability to function normally. The chambers of the heart pump blood in insufficient quantities and cannot carry out a full-fledged relaxation process. The patient needs to urgently perform a puncture of the pericardium and remove the excess amount of transudate. If these measures are not taken, the person may die.

To eliminate the pathological symptoms of requip online, methods from folk sources can also be used. However, be sure to consult a doctor before such treatment. Traditional medicine recommends. As forXia forecast, it will depend on the cause that led to the formation of hydropericardium and the possibility of its effective elimination.

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ropinirole - causes, symptoms, consequences, how to treat. Dropsy is also called dropsy edema. This disease is expressed in fluid retention in various organs and parts of the human body. In fact, this is not an independent disease, but a consequence of other serious ailments, for example, diseases of the liver, kidneys or heart.

In addition, dropsy provoke a variety of poisoning and starvation. Dropsy in pregnant women is a symptom that is a manifestation of one of the forms of toxicosis that occurs at the end of pregnancy.

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Fluid begins to accumulate in tissues, subcutaneous tissue and cavities when the optimal balance between inflow and outflow in tissue fluids is disturbed. There are many reasons for this process. There are dropsy, the causes of which are associated with the mechanical nature of origin. The main factors provoking it are physical influence or a certain pressure on a specific part of the body or organ.

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In this case, compression and narrowing of the lumen existing in the superficial veins occurs. And the deep-lying arteries at this time continue to work normally, intensively supplying the tissues with blood. With this process, the lymphatic fluids are not able to normally leave the transferred vessels, so they gradually accumulate in the intercellular space, creating edema. The altered composition of blood and lymph, defects in arteries and veins result in disturbances in the nutrition of cells.

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Blood, depleted in protein and trace elements, liquefies, and its liquid part freely penetrates through the walls of capillaries into the intercellular space. This kind of dropsy is formed with an unbalanced diet, scurvy, kidney ailments. Sometimes dropsy occurs against the background of disorders inherent in the peripheral and central nervous system. In this case, spasmodic contraction of the veins occurs, caused by neuralgic pains, paralysis, injuries and other lesions of the spinal cord and brain, as well as nerve trunks.

With this disease, uniform edema is formed in the subcutaneous tissue. Such edema is especially characteristic of those parts of the body where the fiber has a loose structure. In swollen places in patients, the skin is smooth and dry to the touch, pale in appearance, sometimes shiny. Specific symptoms suggest the origin of this disease.

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If dropsy is caused by heart ailments, the skin on the edema has a bluish tint, which is provoked by venous blood stagnation. Failures in cardiac activity first result in swelling of the feet. Then the fluid begins to accumulate in the ankles and move higher.

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With a gradually progressive process, the abdominal cavity also becomes edematous. Heart failure is diagnosed if there is swelling of both legs with difficulty breathing. In addition, dropsy of the abdomen and ascites occur with cirrhosis of the liver, ovarian cancer and other diseases of the abdominal cavity.